How to Grow Your Creative Circle

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Inspiration

There is nothing wrong with being introverted and keeping to yourself. The bulk of us actually prefer it. However, there are times when you need a bit of guidance when trying to execute an idea. Who do you turn to? Where do you find like minded individuals willing to help you? What is the next step when a tutorial can’t be found on YouTube?! If this scenario sounds familiar, knowing how to expand your creative circle is a way to ensure you have help when you need it most.

Attend Networking Events

We understand that the thought of interacting with a room full of strangers is not always appealing. However, attending a networking event puts you in a position to meet like-minded peers who share your same goals. Networking also gives you a chance to meet established professionals that you would not have access to otherwise. We attended last night’s Creative Jam where we were able to interact with members of the design community including Adobe evangelist Terry White.

Creative Jam Detroit hosted by Adobe.(Photo: The Creative Armory)

Adobe expert Terry White.(Photo: The Creative Armory)


This one goes hand in hand with networking. Great collaborations can form when you align with the right people. Teaming up with talented minds outside of your own allow you to teach what you already know while learning different ways to solve the same problem. “Collaborating is one of the keys to my success,” says Melinda Anderson, Creative Director and Event Manager of Design Core Detroit. “If you want to make it in life, and particularly Detroit, you have to learn to work well with others, work your butt off like no one’s watching, and pay it forward to help others; especially when others have helped you.”

(Photo: Unknown Source)

Get a mentor

When you hear the phrase “Work with people who are smarter than you “, it’s not an attack on your intelligence. It is meant to encourage you to seek guidance from someone  experienced that can invest time into helping you develop both personally and professionally. A mentor is a personal coach and motivator that has already been through the struggles you are facing. A good mentor helps you stay disciplined when facing issues with procrastination, prioritizing, and execution. Some mentors belong to powerful professional networks where you could find endless opportunities to collaborate with others.

(Photo: rawpixel)

Be social

You can’t expect to expand your circle if you refuse to be social.  At some point you have to take a step outside of your comfort zone and interact with your peers. If you don’t like the thought of large networking events, check out Meetup. The app lets you search for groups in your city that are formed around a common interest. Some groups are pretty small in size and are great starting points for simply meeting those in your industry. This can help you get comfortable enough to attend larger networking events in the future.

(Photo: rawpixel)

Follow up

Networking, collaborating, and working yourself to the bone have no merit if you don’t follow up with the individuals that you meet. It takes time to establish and build a relationship. If you never follow up with people you will soon be forgotten. This could negatively affect opportunites for future engagements. When you meet someone of influence, drop them a line to say hello every once in a while. This small action will help maintain your connection.  If you are serious about forming alliances make sure you follow up. It is definitely a critical step towards success!

(Photo: Glenn Carstens Peters)

In conclusion

With over half the year under our belt, there is no better time then the present to take advantage of the resources located in your own backyard. Detroit hosts plenty of events where you can meet new faces who can provide invaluable support. After all else, if you still find yourself struggling to put your ideas in motion we suggest reading our article on how to unleash your creativity in 2018.

What steps do you take to make new connections? Share your thoughts in the comments!