Music Choice of the Month 11/2018: Acoustic Ash

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Music Choice of the Month

Acoustic Ash is a singer and songwriter originally from England who is now based in Michigan. Using an acoustic guitar, she produces a smoky, soulful, expressive sound that serves as a platform for diversity and equality. Her music is known for evoking emotion through her sincere interpretation of everyday events such as loss, love, money, and politics.

Have a listen to her single “More to Life” to see what we mean:

(Video: The Ferndale Set)

Currently unsigned, Acoustic Ash plans to continue making music that inspires, moves, and motivates. She names musical greats Tracy Chapman, Ed Sheeran, Revolutionaries, Phil Collins, Sam Cook, and Karen Carpenter as top influences. With strong vocals and the musical talent to match, Acoustic Ash will leave you wanting to hear more of her incredible sound.

Head over to Soundcloud to check out more tunes by Acoustic Ash or visit her Facebook page to see upcoming performance dates!

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  1. Peter Doswell

    Amazing talent. Truly gifted musician, in not only her voice, but the way she represents others, and the truth about life.


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