Music Choice of the Month 3/2019: TreeHouze

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Music Choice of the Month

TreeHouze strives to construct sounds that speak to the inner wave. A Kalamazoo native, TreeHouze uses homegrown sounds and samples to create vibes that entice the soul. Surrounded by music since childhood, this producer/DJ finds inspiration in songs ranging from the Isley Brothers, the Neptunes, Curtis Mayfield, and Curen$y.

(Photo: TreeHouze)

His goal is to create an atmosphere that is mellow and free of melancholy. TreeHouze first began exploring sounds at the age of 12 after seeing Jay-Z’s documentary on ‘The Black Album ‘. He became inspired after learning about how music producer 9th Wonder created Jay-Z’s song ‘Threats ‘ in 20 minutes on music production software Fl Studio.

(Photo: TreeHouze)

Together with a friend, he would practice before and after school religiously in order to hone his skill. He was also able to start making beats in a production class he took while in middle school. TreeHouze began sharing his music with the world in the summer of 2015 with the release of ‘TreeHouse Session: Vol. 1‘ via Soundcloud, and has released several other mixes and beat tapes with the most recent ‘TreeHouse ‘ in January 2018.

(Photo: ‘TreeHouse’ album cover)

TreeHouze is planing to release more music around the third quarter of this year. To hear more of his music head over to Soundcloud or connect with him on Instagram !


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