Music Choice of the Month 8/2019: Funkwagon

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Music Choice of the Month

Funkwagon is a gospel infused funk band formed in 2005 by Aaron Burroughs. The band has played all over the north east capturing crowds and having the honor of sharing the stage with some of music’s greats. “I like to think of it as church with a smoker’s section…and a bar,” says Burroughs. 

Funkwagon is not a typical funk band, as the name might suggest. “Well for one thing its very vocal oriented,” said Burroughs. “We pay attention to our lyrics. It’s pop music in a way that it’s hook oriented and bass driven, but we have five and sometimes six-part harmonies stacked on top of it all so it really does feel kind of like a choir.”

(Photo: Funkwagon)

“Everything I do kind of has that church choir feel to it. It’s kind of raw, but not in a way that’s imposing and won’t be on the radio, you know what I mean?”  Through multiple line-up changes the direction of the band has stayed true in the nine years Funkwagon has been rolling along, and that won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Funkwagon will be performing tonight at Ziggy’s in Ypsilanti. Can’t make it out? Follow the band on Facebook for more info on upcoming shows!


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