Try These 5 Unique Flavors offered on Paczki Day

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Creative Culinary

Paczki Day is a chance to indulge in savory sweets from some of the best bakeries across the Metro Detroit area. Classic flavors such as custard, cherry, and chocolate are always on hand, but if you want to try something different we’ve listed a few places that are putting a fun twist on your favorite treat this year.  


1. Avalon International Breads

If you favor a paczki that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients or preservatives and is baked instead of fried, then we suggest heading over to Avalon. Today their flavor offerings include Slow Jams Raspberry Jam, Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Custard with a ganache topping. For more information visit their Facebook page here.


 (Photo: Avalon Bakery/Facebook)

2. Sister Pie

Want to get your hands on a Salted Maple or Malted Lime paczki? We suggest heading over to popular pie shop Sister Pie. Available for purchase will also be Pieraczki, which is a pastry made by combining both a pierogi and paczki .


Salted Maple Paczki (Photo: Sister Pie/Facebook)

3. New Palace Bakery

Dubbed the ‘Paczki Headquarters’, New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck is where you’ll find a mix of classic and specialty paczkis alike. New flavors this year include Beer and Pretzels and Banana Cream Cheesecake. And don’t worry, the filling inside the Beer and Pretzels paczki is non-alcoholic. To see a complete list of flavors offered visit the bakery’s website here.


Banana Cream Cheesecake Paczki. (Photo: New Palace Bakery/Facebook)

Beer and Pretzel Paczki. (Photo: New Palace Bakery/Facebook)

4. Pietrzyk Pierogi

This particular location spiked our interest since visitors can purchase Custard-Apricot-Pistachio and Strawberry-Jalapeno paczkis. At 4pm today, Pietrzyk Pierogi will partner with Urbanrest Brewing Company to host a beer and paczki pairing event in Ferndale. Visit the bakery on Facebook for more info.


(Photo: Pietrzyk Pierogi/Facebook)

5. Eastern Market Brewing Co.

If you happen to be in Eastern Market around 4pm today, make sure to stop by Eastern Market Brewing Co. The brewery will host its own beer and paczki pairing event and beer flights will be on hand for $20. For more info about this event, visit the brewery on Facebook.


(Photo: Eastern Market Brewing Co./Facebook)

Where do you purchase your favorite Paczkis? Share with us in the comments!



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