Music Choice of the Month 3/20: Ayana Love

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Music Choice of the Month

Singer and entertainer Ayana Love is a Detroit native who makes alternative hip hop and R&B. Raised on Detroit’s west side, her experiences and inspiration are deeply rooted in love for her city. She began singing at a young age in her school and church choirs, and later debuted her first EP “To Be Human” featuring production from Nolan The Ninja, Lanre, And Knowledge The Kid.

Ayana has encompassed the qualities of what it means to truly entertain any type of audience by participating in pageants, Broadway plays, the UniverSoul Circus, and touring nationally/internationally.

(Photo: Allante Steele / IG: @uncwhlgn)

Although passionate about science and computers, she has always had a natural connection to music, art, and entertainment and attended Western Michigan University where she studied journalism and Japanese. Having graduated a year early, she began to explore more of her deep-rooted passions in the art scene and went on to launch her branding and entertainment company LoveAyana Entertainment, LLC in 2017.

(Photo: Nomadic Madam / IG: @nomadic_madam)

With in-house project management and curation, Ayana uses her artistry in order to showcase what the company can do for other hard working artists with a dream. Her aim is to provide opportunity and community to the motivated individuals who live, breathe and hustle for art. She is well versed in communication and networking, and incorporates her knowledge of Japanese culture and language into her brand and business. Through her own experiences she hopes to teach others the path to manifesting dreams into a reality.

(Photo: Allante Steele / IG: @uncwhlgn)

Her inspiration in music comes from iconic artists such as Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Eartha Kitt, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and even alternative bands such as My Chemical Romance, MUSE, and more. Ayana is an old soul who continuously loves to show the importance of tradition and authenticity. “Being real and being yourself” is something she hopes her brand serves as an example for her peers, community and the world.

More music by Ayana Love can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. To connect with her and stay current with the latest news, be sure to follow her over on Instagram.


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