How Dior’s Desserts is Building a Brand One Cake at a Time

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Creative Culinary

Every treat created by Dior’s Desserts is more than just eye candy. Over the last two years, owner Amber Rasool has worked tirelessly to not only build her brand, but provide top-quality sweets that are stunning, savory, and often exceed client’s expectations.

Getting Started

Cooking has always been a part of Amber Rasool’s life. Growing up, she learned a few things by watching and helping her grandmother in the kitchen. “It was fun for me,” said Rasool. “I took a few culinary courses in high school and learned a few more techniques, but I wasn’t baking yet.”

It wasn’t until Rasool started working her day job that she tried her hand at making treats for others. “Four years ago I started working at Motor City Casino and began to make simple things like banana puddings and cheesecakes. My co-workers loved it, so I branched off into making cupcakes,” she explained.

A tray of pink cupcakes. (Photo: Dior’s Desserts)

“One day, a friend of mine saw a strawberry crunch cake and asked me to make it for her. She really believed I could do it, so I tried. The cake was delicious but it wasn’t easy on the eyes. It was very lumpy and it wasn’t cute,” laughed Rasool. “Since it tasted so good, I knew I had to learn how to make it look better.”

Practice Makes Perfect

To perfect her craft, Rasool began watching video tutorials on YouTube and practicing what she learned. “By my third or fourth cake, I had it,” said Rasool. “It took me about six months to master my technique. I was able to get even more practice once I started getting frequent orders.”

(Photo: Dior’s Desserts)
(Photo: Dior’s Desserts)

Looking back, Rasool explained that taking photos of her work played a role in honing her skills. “I always take pictures. So I would look at what I did last week and study where I would miss something. Doing that helped me note the details that were needed to finish the cake and make it look complete.”

The Dior Difference

One of Rasool’s main goals is to have her brand known all around the city. “I want everybody to know that they can come to me and get something that is not only beautiful, but also delicious. I want my clients to feel like they got the best product for their money, and I want them to be excited to book me for their special occasions.”

Amber Rasool of Dior’s Desserts. (Photo: Amber Rasool)

Rasool has also gone above and beyond to make sure orders are met. “I had a client who couldn’t pick up in time, so I took the cake to work so they could pick it up from there. Another client gave me the wrong due date for her order, but luckily I was able to get it done,” she said. “Mistakes can happen on either end, but it feels good to keep communication open and accomodate people in their time of need. If I can help, I’m definitely going to try.”

Working through creative block

When creative block occurs, Rasool explained her process for getting back on track. “I give myself time to step back,” she said. “I don’t try to rush or force myself to come up with something. Sometimes I’ll pull all of my decorations out and experiment with mixing colors, or I’ll look at desserts created by my biggest inspiration Yolanda Gampp. She is a cake queen and her work is absolutely phenomenal. Watching a quick tutorial from her helps me generate ideas and puts me right where I need to be.”

(Photo: Dior’s Desserts)

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If Rasool could offer advice to up and coming entrepreneurs, she would stress the importance of time management and helping others succeed. “In this profession, you have to manage your time. You can’t put out a good product if you’re falling to pieces from exhaustion or hung over for that matter,” she said. “Cake decorating is tedious. When friends invite you to hang out, you have to know when to say when and make sure you get your rest.”

Superwoman cake.  (Photo: Dior’s Desserts)

“It’s also important to help your fellow brothers and sisters, no matter what stage of the game they are in. It’s not easy for any of us, so having a support circle goes a long way,” she said. “Of course I would love to make all the money, but I’m not Superwoman. Sometimes I have to send the job to someone who has the tools to complete the order. We can’t do everything by ourselves. I wouldn’t be where I am today if someone didn’t help me.”

Future Plans

In the near future, Rasool plans to make Dior’s Desserts more active in the community. “I would like to partner with churches and recreational organizations like PAL to provide desserts at their events. Where kids are involved, you know you have to have something sweet!” she laughed. “Basically, I just want to grow my business and hopefully one day open up my own storefront where people can come shop daily.”

(Photo: Dior’s Desserts)
(Photo: Dior’s Desserts)

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(Cover photo courtesy of Amber Rasool/Dior’s Desserts)


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