BIPOC Designers Needed for Upcoming ‘All Colour Is’ Documentary

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Inspiration

A new documentary is in the works that will tell the stories of BIPOC creatives with a background in interior design, fashion, graphic design, architecture, advertising, illustration, industrial design, and photography.

All Colour Is aims to make its debut in 2022 and is the work of Michael Sinanan, head of Brainmetal Communication + Design and a Toronto-based graphic designer. “At the moment when we knew we were creative, we knew we were different. How would the world see us if we couldn’t see ourselves?”, he states in a brief summary of the film.

Graphic for ‘All Colour Is’ documentary. (Photo: Alekzan Powell)

Being a graphic designer for many years, it still brings a great sense of accomplishment and joy when a project comes to fruition. From conception to final, all creatives work their process and whatever journey the project will take to see it to its end. I’m asking you, black and POC creatives to get in touch and let the stories of our journeys be told.”

If you would like to submit your story or have questions about the film, Sinanan can be reached by email. To learn more about the documentary, visit the website here or follow Sinanan on Instagram @brainmetaldesign.


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