Music Choice of the Month 4/21: Ohly

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Music Choice of the Month

Ohly is the recording moniker of Detroit-based Christian Ohly, a songwriter who writes alone with his acoustic guitar and then invites friends and collaborators to flesh out the sound. A self titled EP released back in 2017 established a rich and heartfelt brand of folk rock that managed to pair intimate emotion with cathartic energy.

Despite the personal origins of each song, the takeaway feeling of the EP was that of a more general hope, even the most morose of the tracks underpinned by a sense of brightness that nudged the mood towards an affirming appreciation of things. 

This year will see Ohly return with a brand new album, Landlines, available everywhere on 4/30.

Broken Narrative Album Cover

Landlines album cover.  (Photo: Ohly)

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