Nestflix: The Perfect Parody Site for Fictional TV Shows and Movies

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Inspiration

How many times have you wished that your favorite movie or TV show was followed by a sequel or spin-off? Enter Nestflix, the Netflix parody site that lets you browse fictional TV shows and movies that are nested within actual titles. Although these films do not really exist, the site provides a well-designed and fun interface for users to browse.

I recently contacted web designer Lynn Fisher, creator of the site, to ask what made this project enjoyable for her. “Obviously I learned a lot about movies, actors, and directors for this project. But it also reminded me that it can be good to just jump in, even without a detailed plan,” she said.

Tweet from Lynn Fisher announcing launch of Nestflix

Tweet from Fisher announcing Nestflix launch. (Image: Twitter)

“I had a hunch about how things would be organized and laid out, but the whole picture became more clear as I created more entries. It can feel chaotic for sure, but I couldn’t see how the pieces all fit together until they existed. I love how every title gets its own custom thumbnail and logo. It makes them each feel real and special and makes scrolling through the landing page feel believable too.”

Nestflix landing page. (Image: Nestflix/Lynn Fisher)

With a clean interface, search function, and show titles that make you laugh out loud, there is nothing to dislike about this site. I even love how the logo draws inspiration from Russian nesting dolls. 🙂

Nestflix logo overlay with fake movie thumbnails underneath

Nestflix logo. (Image: Nestflix/Lynn Fisher)

Head over to Nestflix to start browsing the 400+ existing shows categorized by genre or suggest a new title if you have something quirky in mind. I’m sure you will find a few favorites worth adding to your (fake) watchlist! 

Nestflix title Jump Street Collection

(Image: Nestflix/Lynn Fisher)

Nestflix title Alien vs. Predator animated series

(Image: Nestflix/Lynn Fisher)

What is your favorite show on Nestflix? Drop the show title in the comments below!

By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

Jess McKenzie is a graphic designer from Detroit, MI with a passion for branding. She is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves 80s movies and longs for Saturday morning cartoons to return. When she is not tied to her computer, she can be found taking random road trips and practicing landscape photography.


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