The House of Chimney Cakes in Dearborn Is More Than Just Eye Candy

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The newly opened House of Chimney Cakes is making its mark in the city of Dearborn with a popular Hungarian street dessert infused with a creative twist. With mouthwatering treats that are almost too beautiful to eat, The House of Chimney Cakes is a great place to visit for pastry lovers of all ages.

Welcome area inside House of Chimney Cakes location in Dearborn. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

Chimney cakes, also known as Kürtőskalács, are popular Hungarian street desserts best known for their crispy outer surface and soft inner filling. The process to make them involves spinning a strip of sweet dough around a cone-shaped baking spit, rolling it in sugar, and baking it until golden brown. Sweets and other toppings can then be stuck to the tacky layer of caramelized sugar as needed. The desserts are called ‘chimney cakes’ because the steam that escapes the top of the pastry as it cools looks just like a smoking chimney.

Case of flavored chimney cakes. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

Various toppings on display

Various toppings on display. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

During my visit, one thing that instantly impressed me was the menu. Aside from the 13 signature cones that this location offers, you also have the option to order just a flavored chimney cake without all the fixings or build your own custom cone from a list of cake flavors, ice cream filling, and toppings. Not ready to dive into a chimney cake just yet? Try one of the hand-spun milkshakes in several flavors including ‘Strawberry & Oreo Delight’ and ‘Bananatella’.

Charles H. Wright Museum Jubilee Day Celebration

A few of the signature creations offered. (Photo: House of Chimney Cakes)

I opted for the ‘Everyday Birthday Cake’ which was flawless in presentation. This delicious and colorful dessert was made with organic strawberry ice cream inside a fruity pebbles chimney cone, confetti sprinkles, strawberry sauce, and mini cupcake topped with a real candle!

Charles H. Wright Museum Jubilee Day Celebration

My ‘Everyday Birthday Cake’ chimney cone. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

Everyday Birthday Cone covered in toppings

Everyday Birthday Cake covered in toppings. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

“We’re hoping to serve coffee, cappuccino, and lattes in the fall with the hot O.G. Chimney cake,” said owner Ali Abdallah. “For the holidays there will be special flavors like pitch-black ice cream for Halloween, possible themes that include reindeer or Santa Clause for Christmas, and rabbits around Easter time.”

Charles H. Wright Museum Jubilee Day Celebration

Owner Ali Abdallah. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

The House of Chimney Cakes does more than just offer a healthy dose of eye candy with its treats. They provide a way for friends and family to share a fun experience while indulging in unique treats made using fresh, top-quality ingredients. If you are looking to make your tastebuds jump for joy, head over to Dearborn and pay your local House of Chimney Cakes a visit!


You can learn more about the House of Chimney Cakes and its incredible menu by visiting the website here.

Interior of House of Chimney Cakes in Dearborn

Interior of Dearborn location. (Photo: The Creative Armory)

What is your favorite treat from The House of Chimney Cakes? Share your top pick(s) in the comments!

By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

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