Detroit Rapper Elohin Urges Listeners to Stay Humble In New Album Beautiful Rejection

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Musicians

Detroit rapper Elohin has returned with a new project titled Beautiful Rejection. The new album was put together by various producers including Kid Ocean and DopeBoyzMusic, and features Atlanta-based rapper Aaron Patterson, contemporary gospel artist Glory Shalom, and Amber Ramsey. Elohin was also featured as my Music Choice of the Month following the 2020 release of his successful album Broken Narrative.


Elohin 'Beautiful Rejection' album cover

Beautiful Rejection album cover.  (Photo: Elohin/CF Entertainment)

Beautiful Rejection is home to the inspirational track “Stay Humble”, which was produced by Kid Ocean and released on September 10th in anticipation of the album’s launch. “Being a part of the hip hop culture I wrote “Stay Humble” as a reminder to myself and others who listen to the song,” said Elohin.  “I know my blessings come from God and I have no problem acknowledging that. If a person doesn’t willingly humble themselves, life has a way of unwillingly humbling them. I’ve learned that from scripture and from personal life experiences.”

Elohin 'Beautiful Rejection' album cover

“Stay Humble” promotional graphic.  (Photo: Elohin/CF Entertainment)

Elohin went on to explain why it’s important now more than ever for people to practice humility. “With all of the tension about race, tension about COVID and vaccines, tension about politics and so many other things, it’s almost impossible to learn from each other if we feel that we know it all and have all the right answers for everything. One of the reasons that the idea of cancel culture is a problem is because it doesn’t give a person a chance to humble themselves and apologize. It’s dismissive without giving the opportunity to have dialog and discussion. Part of staying humble is giving other people room to make mistakes because we all mess up sometimes.”

Elohin promo photo for Beautiful Rejection Album

(Photo: Elohin/CF Entertainment)

Streaming links for Beautiful Rejection can be found here.

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