Music Choice of the Month 9/2021: Midnight Mercedes

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Midnight Mercedes is a funk, groove, and jam band consisting of members  Chris “C.A. Jones” Jones (drums), Will Jones (sax), Dominique  Byrd (vocals), and Jonathan Scott (bass). Formed during the pandemic of 2020, the band rehearsed outdoors during the summer season and attempted virtual shows during the fall and winter. When restrictions eased, they hit the ground running and booked time at Grove Studios to find and perfect their sound.

Broken Narrative Album Cover

(Photo: Aubree Stamper/Digitalis Photography)

Before they were Midnight Mercedes, the original idea for the group name was 3rd Party. “It was during an election year and we wanted to be known as a band that would bring the party. It was kind of a play on words but that got scrapped after we found out another band had that name,” said group leader Chris Jones.  “I remember we had a Facebook meeting and we were brainstorming names. Some were hilarious and ridiculous. Later in the week, Will Jones came up with ‘Midnight Mercedes,’ and that was it. It felt right and we started building our brand and image around that name.”​

Midnight Mercedes Band Logo

(Photo: Midnight Mercedes)

On Saturday, September 4th, the band will host its first show at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor at 9pm. “I think the biggest challenge as a growing band is the creative process, but it’s a challenge that I and the rest of the group embrace,” said Jones. “Every one of us has that creative gene, and as soon as an idea comes to one of us we are on the ground making it a reality.” Bass player Jonathan Scott added “Once we have a root and start to water it, it begins to grow. From that growth, we gather the seeds and plant a new flower or tree and start the process over.”

Promo flyer for Midnight Mercedes show at The Blind Pig A2

(Photo: Midnight Mercedes)

Upcoming shows for the band include:

“What I love about this group of musicians is the camaraderie,” said Jones. “We are friends, we are family. One thing we all love is making music and it’s even better when it’s with the people you love.”

Midnight Mercedes Fun Band Photo

(Photo: Aubree Stamper/Digitalis Photography)

Connect with Midnight Mercedes:

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Cover photo courtesy of Aubree Stamper/Digitalis Photography

By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

Jess McKenzie is a brand identity designer from Detroit, MI. She is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves 80s movies and longs for Saturday morning cartoons to return. When she is not tied to her computer, she can be found taking random road trips and practicing landscape photography.


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