Brea Miles Joins Forces With Female MC’s to Combat Domestic Violence In New Single “Me”

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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley

Over the decades many artists have harnessed the power of music to highlight a range of social issues that plague society. Among them is domestic violence. While the sensitive nature of the subject keeps some from discussing it, Christian hip hop artist Brea Miles has joined forces with a dynamic group of female MC’s to confront the issue head on in a newly released single titled “Me”.

In a recent interview, a few members of the group provided insight about their recent collaboration, why this track was important to create, and the special campaign the group is launching to help support victims of domestic violence.

From Concept to Collaboration

After learning about a recent spike in the number of abuse cases, Brea Miles was determined to take action. “When we found out that domestic violence had increased 50% in the Black and Brown communities during the pandemic, we knew we had to bring awareness and didn’t have a choice,” she said. “Even amidst the rise, the goal is to deliver a powerful message on the importance of self-respect, female empowerment and most of all, the joy in having a relationship with Christ.”

When it came time to assemble the group of women that would carry her message forward, Miles knew exactly who to call.

Featured alongside her on “Me” is international rapper and performer Mahogany Jones, New York based battle rapper Pristavia, and Christian hip hop musician HeeSun Lee. “All of us were friends already and P (Pristavia) and I met last year at the Kingdom Choice Award show,” said Miles. “God gave me a vision and my Mom had a dream that was the second part of the same vision. I hit everyone on FaceTime together, we shared the vision, and they all said ‘yes!’. From there, things moved quickly.”

Pristavia shared her initial reaction after being invited to work on the project. “I was instantly excited, especially knowing who the other girls were that were on board. All legends in their own right,” she said. “Everything about this collab screams POWER. That’s the word that comes to mind.”

"Me" Single Cover

The dynamic squad of female MC’s featured on “Me” (Photo courtesy: Brea Miles/Donna Miles)

A True Fight back Song

“Me” is more than just a song that speaks against domestic violence; it’s an anthem that was created to help women combat the notion that they need to be broken down in order to be accepted.

“This track was important to create because of what it represents,” said Pristavia. “We’re not the first to shed light on domestic violence through our artistry, but I feel like this song comes from a position of strength and power, not brokenness and weakness. Through this endeavor, I pray the listeners will learn there are resources available to help them get out of their situation and I hope it inspires some level of confidence as well.”

"Me" Lyric Graphic with Mahogany Jones

Song lyrics from the new single “Me”. (Photo courtesy: Brea Miles/Donna Miles)

Miles is also hoping that the track will help women find their inner strength. “You know, domestic violence can be more than physical, it can be financial and emotional,” she said. “With this song, we want women to recognize just how beautiful & powerful they really are! For those that can, we hope that they not only stream the song, but download and share it with someone that they know may need encouragement.”

The Impact of Women Supporting Women

Another collaborator on the project is actress and national comedian Kiana Dancie, who shared her thoughts on why women need to continue supporting one another through collaborative movements similar to this.

“As women of color we are making an impact on all levels and in all industries. From the highest court of the land to the basketball courts, we are making an undeniable impact,” she said. “We must continue to break glass ceilings and remind our haters, that it’s not a seat at their table we seek. We’ll continue to create our opportunities and shut things down, with or without their support!

Dancie also shared a piece of advice for women who may be going through a tough time and are in search of a bit of hope. “Push and pray until something happens,” she said. “God is real and he answers prayers!”

 Help Stop the Cycle

Blessings From My Heart To Your Table is a non-profit organization that provides sustainable housing, permanent transportation, and culinary skills to survivors of domestic violence. The talented creators of “Me” are teaming up with the organization on a special fundraising project titled  ‘We Grind Different’, an upcoming music themed reality show. A description from the official website states:

‘We Grind Different’ will follow Brea Miles, Pristavia, Mahogany Jones, and HeeSun Lee on their journey to create a rock-solid EP. The group plans to move into a home together for one week in Atlanta, GA to create an extended play recording that will unite, empower and propel women forward into purpose while bringing awareness to the National Domestic Violence crisis against women and children.

“Blessings From My Heart To Your Table is big on self-respect, which is super important during and after recovery,” said Miles. “It’s amazing to be locked [in] with them for this project.

The group is asking supporters of the movement to make a donation via the organization’s website or through the event website It Stops Now.

“No amount is too small,” said Miles. “All proceeds will go towards raising awareness and helping women and their children get out of domestic violence situations.”


If you know someone that is suffering from domestic violence and searching for support, please reference the resource links below and reach out for assistance.

Never back down on respect. Know how to demand it and don’t feel bad for requiring it. Your presence is a gift,” said Miles.

Resource Links for Domestic Violence Support

Domestic Violence Support Program Directory  (a list of organizations that provide domestic violence services. Categorized by city)

National Domestic Violence Hotline  800-799-7233

First Step Domestic & Sexual Violence Services (Plymouth, MI)

Haven (Women’s Shelter, Pontiac, MI

Transition 123 (Emergency shelter assistance for women ages 17+, created to assist women for up to 6-9 months of transition. Detroit and surrounding areas)

Safehouse Center (Emergency shelter. Free and confidential services for any person victimized that lives or works in Washtenaw County. Ann Arbor, MI)

Special thanks to Donna Miles for making this article possible.

By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

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