Detroit Street Eats Celebrates 10th Season in Cadillac Square

by | May 16, 2022 | Creative Culinary

You’ve made it through a hectic morning of meetings, phone calls, and irritating co-workers to finally arrive at lunchtime. Although you wanted nothing more than a good meal during your first real break of the day, you quickly find yourself disappointed with the sad sack lunch you threw together while rushing out for work that morning. You thought you had packed a meal that would make your stomach proud – but instead find yourself staring at a container of soggy leftovers and a half-rotten apple.

Luckily, Detroit Street Eats made its triumphant return to Cadillac Square today and will feature over 75 food truck options from now through October 14th. Known as Michigan’s largest food truck rally, this year will mark the event’s tenth year operating on the Woodward Esplanade and is being curated by All Things Detroit founder Jennyfer Crawford. The vendors are set to rotate daily (Mon-Fri) and will offer delicious lunch menus from 11 am-3 pm.

Today’s lineup featured Chick-A-Dee,

Chick-A-Dee Food Truck in Cadillac Square

(photo: The Creative Armory)

Los Dos Amigos,

Los Dos Amigos Food Truck

(photo: The Creative Armory)

Smoke Ring BBQ, 

Smoke Ring BBQ Food Truck

(photo: The Creative Armory)

Lemonade and Beyond,

Lemonade and Beyond Cart

(photo: The Creative Armory)

and Stix and Stone Pizza.

Stix and Stones Pizza Box

(photo: The Creative Armory)

Here is what you can expect for the rest of the week:

  • Tuesday: Little Brothers Burgers, B. L. Ellis Catering, House of Mac, Impasto, Motor City Sweet Treats
  • Wednesday: Chick-A-Dee, Lemonade and Beyond, Los Dos Amigos, Motor City Sweet Treats
  • Thursday: Chick-A-Dee, Impasto, Rolling Stove, Motor City Sweet Treats
  • Friday: Little Brothers Burgers, House of Mac, Los Dos Amigos, Motor City Sweet Treats

For a weekly list of vendors that will participate in Detroit Street Eats, visit the sponsor’s website here.


What’s your favorite food truck? Leave a comment with your top pick(s) below! 


By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

Jess McKenzie is a brand identity designer from Detroit, MI. She is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves 80s movies and longs for Saturday morning cartoons to return. When she is not tied to her computer, she can be found taking random road trips and practicing landscape photography.


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