Norwest Gallery of Art Celebrates 5th Anniversary with ‘Expressions of Black Love’ Exhibition

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Creative Destinations

Love is a powerful force that can uplift and bring us together in the face of adversity and trauma. In honor of Black History Month and its 5th anniversary, Norwest Gallery of Art will host an interactive group exhibition that will showcase various expressions of Black love and how it has helped shape Black life and culture.

The exhibition will take place February 9th from 6-9 pm and will feature works by renowned artists such as Judy Bowman, Asia Hamilton, Sheefy McFly, James Charles Morris, Reggie Singleton, Phillip Simpson, Simone Bryant, Vonmash, Maisha Hughes, and more.

General admission to “Expressions of Black Love” exhibition is free, but donations are encouraged to help Norwest Gallery of Art celebrate its 5th anniversary and fund future events and community programs. 

To register for “Expressions of Black Love” and make a donation to Norwest Gallery of Arts, visit the event page here



Expressions of Black Love Exhibition - Norwest Gallery of Art

(Photo: Norwest Gallery of Art)

By Jess McKenzie

By Jess McKenzie

Jess McKenzie is a brand identity designer from Detroit, MI. She is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves 80s movies and longs for Saturday morning cartoons to return. When she is not tied to her computer, she can be found taking random road trips and practicing landscape photography.


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